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Hello art enthusiasts,

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Zachary R. Zorn




From carabiner to knife!!

So a friend asked me to make him a knife, I was glad to make him one. The only curb ball was that he wanted me to use a steel carabiner. I was unsure where to begin so I started with the gate of the carabiner then started defining the shape of the knife blade. I am still working on it so an up date will come soon!





I just recently started work on carbon steel railroad spike knives! Still working on my blade shapes.




Beer stein

Hey, guys
Here are some pictures of my new project. I am dabbling in a new direction with my work and have been feeling beer steins best represent my family’s past, which is what my focus is.


It’s a more abstract creation




This is me and some of my class mates poring bronze into molds! This was for a sculpture project

Better view

Here are some good photographs of the Body Fibula….

Body fibula

Body fibula

this was my final studio peace! I designed it to wrap around the shoulder and pin in the front. the peace in the back is a slice of maple wood suspended between the two brass ornaments. not bad for 40 hours of work